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Arif Abdul Matin

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Arif Abdul Matin, author of several poetry collections Atish-i- Sayyal, Deeda-o-Dil and Saleeb-i-Gham, being some of them, was a contemporary of another noted poet, Zaheer Kashmiri, and had edited some prestigious literary journals.

Arif Abdul Matin. Senior writers like Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi acted as their mentors. His Abbott Road house in front of Nishat Cinema also afforded him the opportunity to live in the proximity of writers like Sahir Ludhianvi and Hameed Akhtar.

Thanda Gosht was published in magazine Javed edited by Arif Abdul Mateen. >Both Manto and Arif were prosecuted for this. When Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi >published Manto's story Khol Do in Naqoosh, he was warned and the paper's >issue was banned. Both these stories depicted the black side of the >post-partition period. All this discouraged Manto as well as his publishers >who were afraid of publishing his pieces




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